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Name: Not willing to say, I prefer to be called by what is down below.

Known as: Gold (By friends) / Shadow(By others) / Hay-Day(By close family members such as my cousins)

Age: 18

Height: 5'

Skin Tone: Pale tan

Eye Color: Brown, turns gold or a red-ish color in the light

Hair Description:

- Brown, shines gold and copper in the light

- Curly

- Mid-back length

- Usually warn down

Other Features:

- Wears glasses

- Has two piercings on both ears

Scent: Lavender

Birthday: October 23

Blood Type: AB+ I believe...not sure

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Personality: Quiet, Mysterious, Observant, Efficient, Unmotivated, Conservative, Antisocial

Friends: Achromium63, wolffang1212, DreamerFoxgal,~

Love Interest: N/A

Enemies: N/A

Origin: Texas

Residence: Near yet not exactly close to college station.

Loyalty: To self and family or those who I care for.


- Animals

- Reading

- Writing

- Drawing

- Music

- Quiet

- Nature

- Night

- Darkness


- People

- Loudness

- Dancing

- Talking

- Taking charge


- Reading

- Drawing

- Prowling

Fears: N/A

Strength: Ability to quickly learn and see what others overlook

Weakness: lack of self ambition


- Being unnoticed



- Spying

- Getting past unwanted attention

Intelligence: 7/10 

Creativity: 7/10 

Initiative: 4/10 

Emotional Strength: 9/10 

Social Skills: 2/10 

Other Attributes: 

- Silence: 10/10 

- Efficiency: 8/10 

- Observation: 8/10 

- Honesty: 9/10 


"The shadows are always behind you."

"Be careful, the wind listens."

"Keep up or you get left behind."

"Can you hear it...the silence."

"There is always eyes watching, human or other."

Theme Song: He who brings the night By Two steps from Hell

- Black Blade

- Ocean princess-

- Army of Justice

- The ancients

- Dark Harbor-

Food: Seafood, Meat, Goldfish crackers

Drink: Orange Soda or Tea

Color: Yellow, Gold, Brown

Animal: Siberian Tiger

Flower: Rose

Season: Fall

Element: Water

Stone: Opal


Thunderingfang's Profile Picture
Tigerfang / Goldenglow
United States
I'm not shy, I'm just quietly observing my prey

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