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Amanda: "Hello everyone~" -waves from her seat on a chair- "This is another interview session. I'm quite excited as to who it will be today! No one would tell me and I was told that it was to be a surprise! So~ The person I'm suppose to interview today is waiting right outside the door!" -Flips through cards, curiously- "The questions are a bit strange and I'm not sure what I'll need the spray bottle of holy water for either, but whatever," -shrugs with smile- "Lets call in the mystery person, shall we?~ Come on in!" -looks eagerly at door and waits-


Amanda: -Frowns and tilts head, turns to mutter offstage assistant- "Did they not hear?"

Assistant: -Goes pale and shutters, backing away and gulping- "U-Uh..."

Amanda: -blinks in confusion and turns to look, freezing and paling in fear at the sight of a certain long black haired man that sat in a nearby chair, red eyes glowing eerily as he grinned darkly.

'Him': "Greetings, weak human female." -leans in and sniffs the air- "Your fear excites me. Care to give me your soul, little human?"


Amanda: "Uh..." -faints and falls out of the chair, faceplanting on the ground-


Crew: "!!" O_O' "..."

'Him': -stares down at the unconscious Amanda, curiously before looking up, grinning- "Oh, she's fainted, how amusing. Does this mean I can consume her?" -flashes an evil grin and licks his lips-

Whole set: "...!" -screams and waves arms around frantically- "N-NO!"

-screen blacks out, but yelling, screaming, and laughing is heard- "Don't- NO, someone stop him! He's going to rip her open! Get the trampalizers, someone! Hurry!"
"They don't work! What do we do?!"
"Back up! Back up!"
"Get help!"
"Oh god! Eric!"
"Help m-!"

-Screen flashes with blurry images before camera falls to the ground settling on a blurry image of red splats on the ground before the screen goes black and static is heart-

"Please stand by, we are experiencing technical difficulties."

-Image flicks into view showing a distressed Goldenglow-

"Gold: -Looks around and points to somewhere off camera- "You guys missed a spot of blood over there...What? Don't give me that look! Everyone already knows blood and harm had come, this is live you idiots! Like no one would see what happened..." -grumbles- "I saw it and had to come running. And who's big idea was it to do this with him of all people?! -looks to a shaken, dazed Amanda and points- "Look! You traumatized her!"

Amanda: "S-so much blood...mama...going to eat me..." -continues to mutter to self while shaking and hugging knees-

'Him': -Smirks and taps claws along the arm of the chair not far away- "Its not my fault that she smelled tasty and they wanted to play." -Points to crew, flashing a grin-

Crew: -Shutters and pales in fear-

Gold: -Eye twitches- "Shut up already! You're in time out!" -Sighs and rubs temples, annoyed-

'Him': -Smirks and eyes Gold- "My fearless one, Do you really believe you can punish me?"

Gold: -Turns and slams trusty frying pan down onto his head-

Everyone excluding Gold and 'Him': -gasps and pales in shock and fear- (OoO)

Gold: -Sneers- "Can't punish you? Doesn't matter, I'll hit you until your head starts to crack! Bet you can feel that, huh!

'Him': -Opens on eye, as closing upon impact from before, stares at her blankly, expression stony- "Oh my dear fearless one," -stands slowly and towers over the short figure known as Gold- "Such fire in those eyes of yours, " -tilts Gold's chin up- "My little fearless mortal, you, little human, are mine." -purrs and leans down, coming nose to nose with her-

Crew and Amanda: -flails, in shock and not knowing what to do-

Gold: (-_-') -deadpans- "Creepy supernatural stalker...Just..." -sighs and crosses arms- "Go sit down so we can get this interview over with already. You're making people here loose years off their lives due to all this stress of having you here." -groans and rubs head- "someone give me some ibuprofen, this is giving me a bad headache..." -walks off stage-

'Him': -sits back down in chair- "Come and rest in my lap, my human." -grins and dodges a cup that is thrown from off camera-

Gold: "Like Hell I will! Stop pestering me and do the stupid interview already, I wanna go home and take a nap! And quite with your stupid words of possession! I don't belong to you or anyone! So shut up already you crazy creep! -Yells from off stage and is heard muttering loudly-

Random person from crew: "...I don't know who is worse...'Him' or her...she..did create him didn't she...what goes on in her mind, must be frightening... -shivers-

Amanda: -shakes while avoiding looking at 'Him'- "W-well, i-it seems t-t-that we ha-have the..."-gulps- "D-dark King with us to-today...s-such a nice surprise..."

Gold: -Yells from off camera- "Suck it up Amanda! Grow a backbone! Quite stuttering, its hard to understand what your saying!"

Amanda: -flails at the yelling and wails suddenly- "I don't want to do this! I'm going to die!"

Gold: "Well if your going to die, do it like your a queen! Don't submit like a weakling! Come on!"

Amanda: -sniffs and nods while trying to look tough- "R-right!" -wipes away tears- " Alright, question time now!"

'Him': -Raises eyebrow stares at Amanda before looking off stage somewhere- "My human is such a motivational little thing."

Gold: "Quit calling me your human!" -yells and crashing is heard- "Darn it! Look at what you made me do! Quite pestering me and pay attention to the interview! Ow...trying to throw the coffee pot wasn't very smart...Oi! What?! Pay attention to the interview already! Do your jobs!" -mutters- "...Stupid people..."

Amanda: -Blinks and reaches out hand- "Gold wait, watch-..." -winces when more crashing is heard and more angry mutters- "...out for the spill...Uh, well that was...Gold, slipping in coffee..." -looks to camera with a grimace and laughs awkwardly-

Gold: "Don't just say what happened! Ask the questions already! Darnit! Ow...." -more muttering-

'Him': -laughs and grins- "You look so fetching on the ground like that, my human. You should wear dresses more often."

Gold and Amanda: -sputters and yells- "Don't look down there like that you creep!"

'Him': -Smirks and leans back in chair- "Oh, Why not, Its not like I haven't seen you in such a way. Though your more clothed now."

-Que awkward silence- "..."

Gold: "WHAT?!"

Amanda: (O.O) -ducks for cover as random objects are thrown from off camera, followed with angry yelling- "Someone stop her!"

'Him': -Looks smug and easily knocks the incoming objects away while chuckling darkly- "You shouldn't be surprised."

Amanda: (o-o') "U-um, lets just start with the interview right now, alright..." -pauses and watches as crew members drag the yelling Gold out of the room- "Is it true...?" -looks back at 'Him' with a wary expression-

'Him': -Flashes a smirk and rests head on hand casually- "Oh yes, she forgets that I'm an entity capable of disappearing and constructing myself out of shadows and darkness. She takes rather long showers, and the music she listens to is rather nice, it makes it pleasurable to watch her." -Grins-

Amanda: -Looks creeped out- "...perverted supernatural stalker..." -shutters- "A-anyway, What is your real name and why does everyone call you 'Him'?"

'Him': -Scratches at the wooden chair, carving strange symbols into the wood- "The name I was given at birth, is Shadowsoul. As to why I am called 'Him, it is because no one wanted to mention my name, so they settled with that."

Amanda: "Wait, why wouldn't they say your real name?"

'Him': -Smirks- "They say its because its cursed. They are afraid of saying my name because it is said that I would be able to hear it and tell who was talking about me, then I would end them and devour their soul, consuming their very being. But honestly, I do take souls, but I feed off of them slowly, where they will feel pain until they slowly dissolve into nothing but darkness."

Amanda and crew: -shivers in fright and disgust-

Amanda: ", Question from, Ah, anonoymous...I can understand why they'd want to remain anonymous, don't blame them, anyway, Why do you exist and why are you so evil?"

'Him': -Chuckles- "Why do I exist? Well, I was born, then I died, well killed. I didn't want to disappear into nothing and have everyone forget about me, so I came back, even if it took a while to gain enough power and knowledge to control the darkness and shadows enough to where I could form myself a physical body. Feeding off humans darkened souls helped though. As to why I'm so 'evil', What's wrong with being evil, you can get everything you want, power, knowledge, fame, fear, its fun and exciting. Though perhaps feeding off of those darkened human souls intensified my own darkness, I'm not complaining though." -Grins- "Ah and one more thing, little miss 'anonymous' I know exactly who you are, little human, what was your silly little nickname, Ah yes, Jellyfishy right. Yes, I know exactly who you are, little mortal. I must say, you are quite amusing to watch as well."

-Somewhere far away-
Achro: -suddenly shivers and looks around- "Why am I suddenly creeped out..."

Amanda: -Blinks and laughs nervously- "Uh, why don't we move on...What is the goal of your existence?"

'Him': -tilts head back and gives a slight unnerving smirk- "Ah, I feel as though no one really likes me, how hurtful. My goal of my existence, hm. Well simple, I am here to take my thrown back and become the ruler of the world again of course. This, and to search for my queen."

Amanda: -glances away- "I feel sorry for the girl who's your 'Queen'....Alright, so your an entity, right? So you were alive at a time, how did you die?"

'Him': -Frowns- "I was killed. Killed by the one I wanted as my new mate. But she was so stubborn and fearless that it was difficult to even get close to her. I had to send one of my sons to talk to her for me and try and convince her. That woman was something else...but now she's gone and I need to look for the current Golden Guardian in order to make her my mate and Queen."

Amanda: "Wait, What do you mean current Golden Guardian? Was the woman that killed you a Golden Guardian? I've been doing some research and I know that Golden Guardians can be only one at a time until the current one is dead and gone, then the new one is born, reincarnated and infused with knowledge of their powers from the past Guardians. But Golden Guardians weren't always around."

'Him': -Smirks- "Such a good little human, doing your research. You are correct though, The woman I wanted, the same one that killed me, was the starter of the line of Golden Guardians, as she had become leader of the new kingdom after having killed me and destroying my kingdom in order to rebuild a less dark world, shifting the world into peace and light. As for the start of the Golden Guardians and their power, it was because the feline goddess made it so, seeing the power and intelligence and deciding to create a guardian to protect the kingdoms and keep the world in balance. But a Golden Guardian can become either dark or stay the way they are, it is ultimately up to them and how they become as they go through their life." -rumbles and flexes hand, eyeing his claws-

Amanda: (*-*) "Wow, interesting...What was her name? The woman who killed you?"

'Him': -Smirks and shifts his gaze to watch Gold as she enters the room again, calmed down and moves to the donuts set on a table in the back of the room- "Her name, was Goldenglow."

Amanda: (-_-) (o_o) (O_O) -sputters and gasps pointing to Gold- "W-what! What?! I'm so confused!"

Gold: -Blinks and frowns- "Whoa, whoa! I'm not the Goldenglow he's talking about! -points to 'Him' angrily- "Stop making peoples minds blow up internally!"

'Him': -Laughs and grins- "But its fun, getting into peoples minds is rather amusing and entertaining. You may not be the Golden Guardian that I am talking about, but you do remind me of her slightly, its part of the reason that I have claimed you as mine, even when I have my Guardian queen, I can have a backup to keep me entertained as well..." -chuckles darkly-

Amanda: (O-o) -shivers- "You get creepier and creepier...its terrifying..."

Gold: -Fumes angrily- "Disgusting creep! How many times do I have to tell you I'm not yours! Go attach yourself to someone else you creepy parasite!"

'Him': "Ah, but it wouldn't be as enjoyable as it is with you." -smirks and stands from chair, then strides off stage, grinning as he goes- "I'm thru with questions, I wish to play now." -crashes are heard and Gold yelling as he catches her and carries her off out of the room, laughing darkly as he goes, pausing at the door for a moment before turning his head back to look at the startled and slightly panicked crew and Amanda- "Don't disturb us, we will be taken with...interesting activities for a while..."-chuckles- "Its best not to dwell on it."

Gold: -snarls and tries to wiggle free- "Let me go you evil supernatural creep! Don't put weird things in their heads!" -yells as she is carried away, by an amused and grinning 'Him'-

Amanda: -Stares at door worriedly- "As much as I want to help...I think we are all safer if we do nothing..." -laughs nervously- "Uh, well that's an interview with 'Him' the evil dark king who is trying to bring back darkness to the word so he can rule once more...Yeah...and whoever suggested this...please don't again..."-cries- "I'm going to have nightmares for the rest of my life! Whaaa!" -erupts into hysterical crying-


Amanda: Thank you for your time, next time we have an interview three people from the plain pride, Shockstripe, also known as Stripe, Dawnset, and the lord of the pride himself, Lord Windcall. We will see you next time!


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