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Name: Shadowsoul/'Him'

Pride born in: The Dead Pride

Species: Lion shifter

Gender: Male

Age: 46(death) 1438(current)

Birthday: October 6

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 183

Hair: Long black hair(mid back length)

Eyes: Bright red eyes, darker red specks surrounding his pupils

Build: Lean, Muscular

Element: Shadow/Darkness

Mate: Moonheart

Offspring: 4 sons

- Bloodeye (Eldest)

- Blacktooth(Second Eldest)

- Deathjaws(Third Eldest)

- Toxicfang(Youngest)



Once ruler of The Dead Pride, long ago, Shadowsoul was powerful and dark. He ruled for most his life after having killed off his parents at a young age. As a cub, he was intelligent and cunning, always planning something. Those that followed him did so due to his raw power and strenght. He easily turned the land into nothing but a wasteland. Ruling with the shadows with in his dark soul, Darkness spread though out everything, affecting those who were weak and easily controlled.

His downfall came in a form of a young woman with unwavering will and determination. She gathered up those who were against the Dark ruler, those who had strong determination and will just as she did. She, with her two most trusted comrades, took down the evil man and brought change upon the land. Known as the Golden light era, She took charge and was crowned queen. Known as the Golden guardian, she started the line of the shifter's guardians, known as Golden Guardians.

Though, due to his power and deep connection with darkness, Shadowsoul may have died physically, but not spiritually. He lingers with the shadows, waiting to reclaim his kingdom and take his wanted queen, the next Golden Guardian.



Father: Deadeye

Mother: Blackclaw

Brother: N/A

Aunt: N/A

Uncle: N/A

Grandfathers: N/A

Grandmothers: N/A


Appearance-Feline form:

Build: Large, Muscular

Feline Form: Lion

Fur: Pure black

Eyes: Bright red, Darker red specks surrounding his pupils

Other features: Black mist/smoke surrounds body, likes to grin


Personality: Mocking, Teasing, Sarcastic, Menelovent.


Likes: The scent of fear and blood, Seeing other in pain or discomfort, Jokes, Killing, Messing with others

Dislikes: The light, bright colors, humans, weaklings



- Abused his mate, Moonheart after forcing her to be mated to him.

- Held his sons in high regard, especially Bloodeye.

- Had his eye on the young woman who had taken him down and killed him, long before the time he was killed.

- Named Shadowsoul due to his dark aura he was born with.

- Nicknamed 'Him' because of the fear of saying his name, fearful of having him watching from the shadows.

- Wanted to have a female cub so he could pamper her.

- Has three men that follow him without question, called the Shadowed Three. Their loyalty knows no bounds when it comes to their leader, Shadowsoul.


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