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I never really finished it...I wrote this a while back (like a year or so), I don't really know where it came from but it just came to me.
I don't know if I should keep going with it or not...

Screams pierce my ears, echoing off the dull, gray walls. I huddle deeper into my shadowed corner, an unconscious action. I do not wish to gain their attention. I hunker down and helplessly listen to the screams that were filled to the brim with pain and suffering.
Footsteps make dull pounds against the grimy ground. The smell of blood, always thick in the air. I hesitantly lift my head up and glance at the huge male that walked passed by my cell, disgusted at the sight of him covered in blood. He is soon followed by a strange male, a weird looking creature, nothing that I would ever think of existing. The scaly male had a purplish color to his skin, long black claws, and tall rabbit like ears, though he had no fur, he was covered from head to toe in scales, almost like a snake or lizard, a long slender tail waved though the air behind him as he passed by my cell. He had a wolf like face, his bright purple eyes had no pupil, it creeped me out, how he just stared straight ahead, like he was blind or something, yet he walked like he could see perfectly fine.
Then, finally came the wolf like creature, it looked like a werewolf, standing on two legs, walking like a human, he was muscled, though it was lean muscle, unlike the human-like brute or the lizard-like creature. He was smaller compared to the other two; he seemed a little nicer as well.
I remember when I was brought here, after what happened to my planet. I was dragged on bored the space ship by the lizard creature, his long, sharp claws had ripped into the skin of my arms. I had struggled until my energy had deserted my body. I fought the whole way, receiving lashes and huge bruises by the lizard. In the end, my broken and bloodied body had been dragged into the ship and thrown into the cell that I was in right now.
I couldn’t move when I had hit the cold, hard ground. I had lay there, listening to the screams and fearful cries of others of my kind as they were brought onto the ship and into the cells.
I had remembered the way my parents had died, blasted by some orb of energy; they had disappeared right before my eyes, burned up. I had screamed bloody murder when they had grabbed my little brother after that, yanked him to his feet and shoved him toward the ship, watching as he tried to run away, taken over by fear. I had lost it, when I saw the lizard, what he did to him. The huge brute held me back with a steel grip, which left bruises on my arms and wrist, nearly crushing them in his huge hands.
I had watched helplessly, as my brother’s blood was spilt, staining the grass and leaves. I had struggled with everything I had in me, trying to get away, to get to my brother’s lifeless body. I screamed and screamed with all I had. My screams holding anger, pain, rage that had burned in my brown eyes. I scratched the brute, my sharp finger nails slicing into his skin easily. I somehow slipped away from his hold and ran at the lizard, my body boiling with my rage at seeing my brother killed in front of me. Before I had gotten anywhere near the lizard, I was grabbed and yanked back by my long, brown, hair. The brute had ensnared my curly hair in his large hand. The rest was a blur, flashes of my brother’s body as I was being dragged away, fighting and seeing blood smears on the ground of the ship as the lizard dragged me down the halls, to the holding cells. Smelling my own blood in the air, along with others.
The feel of a strange thing against the torn skin of my arms, opening my weak eyes and seeing blurry images of another strange creature hovering over my limp body. I had tried to move but every time I did, a burning sensation made its self-known. I felt my eyes close and then remember nothing but black.
I don’t know how long I was asleep. When I woke up, I found that I had the strength to move; I sat up jerkily and looked around wildly, not knowing how to react. I had scooted to a dark corner and curled up, my arms wrapped tightly around my knees. I heard the crying of others nearby. I clinched my eyes when I suddenly heard screams come from a woman at the end of the large area, it was followed by cruel laughs, and I identified the brute male. I had pressed my hands over my ears, trying to block out the screams and laughs.
Staring into the distance, I had conjured up some of my memories of my family and life before all of this. I closed my eyes, wanting this all to end, to never have had happened, but sadly I knew better, this was real, wishing would do nothing but drain you, it might give some hope, though for me it was nothing but a dream.
I am jerked from my thoughts when my cell door was suddenly opened with a loud squeak. My body grew tense when I laid my eyes on the wolf creature. He carried some sort of box, small and compact. It was white and had black symbols on it.
His light gray fur darkened in the cell room as he slowly walked inside and closed the rusty bared door.  I scooted a bit into the corner, though I couldn’t really. I watched with intense eyes as he slowly made his way toward me, his yellowish eyes glowed softly in the shadows.
The closer he came toward me the tenser and ready to snap at him I became.
I finally gave a warning hiss, a loud slightly shocking sound that would make anyone stop and look at a teenage girl with a shocked expression.
He froze and stared at me, slightly narrowing his eyes as he watched me silently. I barred my teeth at him and shifted to where I could easily jump or lunge away if need be.
“Do you want me to help you or not?” his voice startle me and made me flinch a little.
I gave no answer I only narrowed my eyes at him and watched him silently. He stood silently and stared at me, I could tell he was irritated.
“Fine then, suffer.” He huffed out and made his way out of the cell, closing the rusted cell door behind him and locking it back up.
I gave a startled hiss when the lights suddenly shut off and I was wrapped in darkness. I blinked and waited for my eyes to adjust to the lack of light.
   I don’t know how long I was on that cursed ship. I spent my time staring at nothing, listening to those around me, whimper and cry, for days.
I was silent, always quiet, not once speaking, I rarely even moved, unless it was to hiss at one of my captors, though usually it was the wolf creature that I always saw. He always brought me my food.
I noticed that he was always around. I suppose he was like a prison guard or something.
It would seem like if I was in a closed up place for a long time, I would think about things and wonder. But I found my mind had been blank, there was not a single thought in my mind, not until my captor/guard spoke once again to me when I would not eat the food I was given. It was about three days, three days I haven’t even touched the strange food that I was given. It looked like a cross between dog food and oatmeal, it was cream colored and had some light purple color in there as well. It didn’t smell good at all so I wouldn’t touch it. I tend to be very picky with food. So I was certainly not going anywhere near that slop!
“Hey, girl.” His voice was rough and slightly commanding, demanding that I turn my attention to focus on him.
I turned my head to look at him, his yellow eyes locking onto mine, He was leaning against the cell, his large furred hands curled around the bars as he slightly leaned forward, staring at me intensely.
“You start eating before you waste to a bone.” His eyes narrowed as his tone grew even more demanding.
In my depressed mood I had been the definition of silent, that is, until now.
“Would you eat that?” My voice is soft and annoyed as I point down to the tray he had set down no long ago, my brown eyes staring at his.
He blinked, his eyes slightly widened with a surprised look to them. He seemed unable to answer for a moment before he frowned and looked down at what he had given me, wrinkling up his nose ever so slightly.
“No.” He shifted his gaze back to me, as I moved a little bit in my dark corner.
“Then why should I? I’d rather starve.” My voice was still soft, but it had a snappy undertone.
He seemed taken aback for a fraction of a moment before he growled at me and my sudden ‘attitude’.

Should I continue or not...? -Thinks while rubbing chin like an evil overlord-


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