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How long she was in this dreadful place, she didn’t know. Her wrist were sore and being rubbed raw by the thick shackles that held her to the wall. She was constantly in a bad mood, due to the treatment she was getting.

It seemed that every day, when he came back from his duties or whatever he did, he would mock her and rile up her anger then release her from her chains and anger her even more with his stupid smack talk.

Then, they ended up in an intense fight consisting of harsh words, fangs and claws, fist and feet, kicks and punches. They went all out, well, she did anyway. She found out from the start, he held back a lot when they fought. It only made her angrier with that knowledge.

In the end of each fight, they were both bleeding and bruised, but there was always the same winner. Him. He always managed to take her down and pin her, chaining her back up when it was clear she was losing and weakening.

Darn male, God how she hated him with every ounce of her being! Oh how she would love to tear his eyes from his skull! To just rip into him.

She cursed that he was much stronger than her. She couldn't do much about it, but at least she did shed some of his blood with her claws, even if it wasn't much. It made her feel a bit better.

Currently she was, of course, chained to the wall, as expected when the, 'idiot male' (what she dubbed him as) was away, doing whatever he did. Even if she was in a bad mood with him, she was glad she got some time to recuperate from her injuries and soreness, due to the long fights and struggles she had with him. He was merciless, that was a fact.

Vera winced as she shifted her position to get more comfortable, her back leaning against the wall, her arms at her sides, her fingers gently rubbing the red, scarred skin around the tight cuffs that were attached to the chains, which in turn were attached to the wall.

She had tried breaking them, but only found that they were strong and required more power to break them. She didn't know what they were made of but it was very strong material.

'The idiotic male could break it easily, I bet...' she grumbled mentally as she let her head fall back against the wall lightly, closing her eyes as she did so. Who could blame her, she was tired.

She often stayed up during the night when he was here. He was so strong, it seriously made her uneasy around him, though she put up a brave, fearless front in his presence. But for some reason, it seemed to make him excited. It was usually faint to make out, but it was still there. It uneased her.

When they had finished the days fight, and he would pinned her down, chaining her back up, he would seem to linger when he hovered over her, she noted. It wasn't long, but it was still noticeable. Then he would get up and walk off to his bath area to clean himself up before he would come out and get ready for bed.

He always made sure to have his back facing her, as if to mock her. Showing her that she could do nothing to him.

That was when she would glare at him the whole night, her burning, hating gaze drilling into his back, wishing he would explode in a show of blood and body parts. Oh, how that would be a lovely sight.

Ugh, she hated being helpless! She needed to find a way to get free of these blasted chains, find that canine from before and escape. She hoped Kai was alright. For some reason, she felt the need to help and protect the canine-woman. She seemed like a very nice person, she would hate if anything happened to her.

Vera’s eyes hardened. ‘Oh, if she is harmed, there is going to be hell to pay!’

Despite their brief meeting, and Kai being a stranger, as well as a different species. It felt like they were friends.

Her thoughts were cut off by the door opening suddenly, causing her to sit straight up and sharpen her gaze when her eyes opened to see who came in. It was too early still for the ‘idiot male’ to come back, but she wouldn’t put it past him to want to fight again, he was usually eager too.

She faltered, though, at the sight of someone else coming into the room quietly. Her expression went blank as she stared at the intruder. He was familiar…

His long white hair fell over his shoulder as he turned to look at her, yellow eyes locking onto her chained form.

Instantly, her eyes narrowed at the sight of his face, eyebrows arching down as she glared at the tall male who closed the door silently and turned to face her fully, his gaze scanning over her intently. He took in her cuts and bruises with slightly narrowed eyes, eyeing the dried blood on her.

Seemed to him, his leader was being too hard on her, how merciless.

The silent male slowly made his way toward her, his gaze flickering around the room then coming back to the small female that sat against the wall, staring at him with a scorching gaze, ready for a fight.

Wordlessly, the tall male stopped out of range of her and looked her over, a strange, grim look over coming his expression.

Lionheart let out a sigh and sauntered off to the bathroom, searching for medical supplies. He honestly didn't think his Prince would be very happy with his fixing her up, but he could always talk him over it and get away unharmed.

He made short work of finding the desired items to use on the small female. On this way out of the bathroom, he stopped and glanced at the tub, stared at it or a minute before feeling himself flush slightly at the memories of her being so bare to him. Shaking his head, he frowned and continued on. There was no time to think of that now. He needed to hurry and treat her before his Prince came.

Darkfire hadn't been in all that good of a mood today for some reason and he didn’t want to be a way to get rid of his stress. Nope, not going through that again.

The white haired warrior quickly made his way back to the girl and bent down, speaking as he did so while he placed the items he had along the ground lightly. “Stay still, I’m trying to help. I would appreciate it if you didn’t attack me, while I do this.” He rumbled, voice sounding a little huskier than normal.

Vera eyed him, not entirely sure why he was helping her but she kept her mouth shut and stared at him, eyes narrowed as she watched him closely, calculating his movements and predicting what he would do.

When she made no move to stop or attack him, he slowly reached out and lightly, hesitantly grasped her wrist, pulling it toward him so he could get to her arm and dab the wounds clean before applying ointment and wrapping them up.

That is how it went. She quietly allowed him to tend to her wounds, all the while keeping a keen eye on his and what he was doing. Though, after a while, he caught the sight of her relaxing slightly, leaning against the wall behind her and relaxing her facial expression. He himself, felt somewhat pleased at her relaxed state that she was showing right now, but it was apparent she was tired and was pushed far too much.

He actually felt his battle hardened heart pang at the thought of it. She was...different. She was a fighter, unlike the females here who bowed down to anyone, fearful. She was a warrior. No doubt his prince thought that as well. Perhaps it was the reason why he kept her to himself. She fought him, she didn’t bow or cower down in his presence. She snapped back, fighting back even if she had no chance of winning. It seemed to be who she was.

It was...desirable, surprisingly. No doubt most of the males here would want her. They would like a challenge.

He frowned, not exactly liking that thought. Something was with this female, how was it that he found himself acting and thinking so differently when around her?  

When he heard a yelp he was jerked back from his thoughts, lifting his gaze up to look at Vera’s face, only to see her glare directing right at him. Seemed while distracted by his thoughts he had accidentally pressed too hard down on a wound and caused her pain.

Next thing he knew, there was a jerk of her arm, causing him to release it and lean forward, making him take a moment to marvel at her hidden strength. It only lasted a moment, when that moment was up, he found a fist coming down onto the top of his head rather hard. Giving a yelp, he dropped what he had in his hand and reached up to grasp at his stinging head, muttering out a curse under his breath. She certainly hits hard.

“Watch it!” Vera hissed out, scooting away from him and pressing herself farther against the wall, a glare drilling into him.

“Stop hitting me! I was trying to help you!” He seemed to almost whine, almost, there was a growl to his words that made up for the whiny tone. His yellow eyes glittered at her, as a frown overtook his expression.

He reached for her again, trying to grab a hold of her to bring her closer to him, only to have that backfire completely. As he found him under her suddenly when she had lunged at him, tackling him down without any thought. Her hands went to wrap around his neck. The familiarity of the situation brought back those memories in the bathroom. And as she was still in that same towel that was tightly wrapped around her body, it certainly made him pause and pale for a moment before color returned to his face, though it was a much brighter color than his normal lightly colored completion.

The way she straddled his chest in that towel nearly made him have a heart attack. He grasped for her, snagging her shoulders and throwing her to the side in his haste to get her off of him. She struggled venomously and he had to pin her down, only to have her throw her legs around his waist, clamping them there tightly, where she proceeded to squeeze the life out of him.

He felt the fear of having his ribs broken due to the pressure that steadily increased every time he struggled to get her legs off of him.

“Gah! S-stop!” Lionheart found himself squeaking breathlessly, a hand on her shoulder, holding her down while the other was busy trying to untangle her legs from him. Her hands were still around his neck, claws scratching at his soft skin.

“Not until you die!” She hissed, teeth bared as she tightened her grip on him, glaring heatedly at him as he struggled to breath, gasping for air.

In a desperate move to get freedom, he moved his hand dug his claws into her thigh, earning a yelp from the female beneath him, who had been squeezing his insides out of his body at a slow, but steady rate.

He was severely disappointed in finding that his action only caused her to tighten her legs around them after having moved them higher so they now wrapped around his chest. Her hands released his neck and instead shot toward his head where she fisted her hand into his long hair and started yanking. His eyes watered at her harsh attack.

They continued like that for a while, struggling along the ground in that awkward position, panting and grunting. It was a wonder how that towel didn't fall off with the movements of the struggling.  

The door opened and they froze. Both of their heads twisting sharply to look at the door.

Lionheart paled at the sight of who came into the room. Vera simply blinked, face flush due to the extent of the struggle, it was rather hard to do while chained up.

Silence, everything stilled as tension rose into the air. The three beings who had walked into the room stood staring at the two panting on the ground. No one dared to move.


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