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Amanda: "Hello~ everyone~ Has everyones day been great so far? I know mine has! Everyday with not seeing or hearing a perverted, supernatural evil entity is a great day for me!" -Grins while glancing around nervously- "Heh, well anyway, moving on. Today, we have three guest! So there is going to be quite a few questions and hopefully they get answered! That and nothing goes wrong this time...say hello to Lord of the western plains, Lord Windcall, Leader of the Phantom Pride, Also known as 'The Gentle Wind'"

Windcall: -Smiles lightly and waves- "Hello everyone. I must say, I've never done something like this, Its interesting."

Amanda: "Great! Its refreshing to have someone like you here for once. Next is one of the great Lords trusted advisors and high ranking guard, Dawnset, also known as 'The Mirage'."

Dawnset: "..." -stares-

Amanda: -Blinks- " he broken or just quiet...? -points to the silent advisor while looking at Windcall, confused and slightly worried-

Windcall: -Smiles- "He only speaks when he finds it meaningful."

Dawnset: "..." -continues to stare-

Amanda: "..." -stares at Dawnset before looking away- "Its kinda off putting and worrying...Anyway, next we have is Shockstripe, also known as Stripe, who is also a high ranking warrior and guard."

Stripe: -Waves happily and smiles- "Hey there!"

Amanda: -Stares before blinking and flushing lightly- "Sorry, but I just have to say this, You are very handsome."

Stripe: -Blinks and grins while tilting his head- "Hah, thanks, your quite beautiful as well!"

Amanda: -Blushes- "Well, your a smooth talker aren't you. Definitely a good change around here."

Windcall: -chuckles lightly- "He is quite liked by the ladies."

Dawnset: "..." -watches quietly-

Stripe: -Laughs while rubbing his neck- "Females can be quite overwhelming though..."

Amanda: -Nods- "Certain girls certainly can be..." -remembers Vera's interview and winces- "Different overwhelming for me than for you though...but overwhelming all the same..."

Dawnset: "Females are troublesome." -Stares at random female crew member who is currently ogling him-

Amanda: -Huffs and shakes her head before smiling- "Well, lets get started shall we? This question is for the good lord. How is it that you are able to stay so calm?"

Windcall: "How I stay so calm? Well, Its just how I am, I'm usually not one to judge and I always try to think of the whole picture, Its a choice to get angry or stay calm. Being calm will often keep others calm as well." -hums-

Dawnset: "Lord Windcall does not lower himself to such feelings as anger or rage. Know your place woman, call him by his title. He is far above you, human." -stares at Amanda with his usual emotionless expression-

Stripe: -Scratches head awkwardly and listens- "Perhaps you shouldn't take things so seriously when Lord Windcall is involved, Dawnset..." -mumbles-

Amanda: "...Uh, sorry...?" -gulps- "R-right, call him by his title, got it! Ehh, your creepy..."

Dawnset: -Stares-

Amanda: -Winces and laughs nervously- "S-Sorry. Uh, moving on! This question is for you,

Dawnset. What is one thing that you envy in Lord Windcall?"

Stripe and Windcall: -Turn to stare at Dawnset, curious-

Dawnset: -Stares at Amanda blankly- "I do not envy Lord Windcall. I have absolute trust and faith in my leader. There is nothing that I dislike or envy him for. I am fully aware of my place below him and will not question anything he does as he has shown before that he knows exactly what must be done in situations." -states mater-of-factly in his monotoned voice-

Amanda: -Blinks and stares at the emotionless man, unbelievingly- "There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that you envy? At all? Not even a little bit?" -glances at Windcall and Stripe, questioning-

Windcall: -Smiles and shakes his head- "He is set in his thoughts and ways. There is no changing it."

Stripe: -Shrugs- "That's Dawnset for you."

Dawnset: "..."

Amanda: -Shakes head and sighs- "Well, your next, Stripe."

Stripe: "Alright!" -grins- "Bring it on, lovely lady."

Amanda: -Blushes and coughs lightly- "Right, how do you stay so gentlemanly around those other idiots?"

Stripe: -Blinks in confusion- "Other idiots? Oh, them. You know, Its not nice to say something like that, I can't see you asking something like that, you seem so polite." -Tilts head-

Amanda: "Oh, no, it wasn't me that wrote that, this question is from someone called Starfishy." -reads the card-

Stripe: -Nods in understanding- "Ah, I see. Well to answer the question, I just really be myself, I mean, accepting someone as they truly are helps them as well as yourself really. Its better to just be yourself and that's what I do. They are just being themselves too. It doesn't bother me much."

Amanda: "You are really something, Mister smoothy."

Windcall: -Smiles-

Dawnset: "..." -stares-

Stripe: -Laughs- "Mister smoothy?"

Amanda: -Smiles and shrugs- "Alright, this questions is for both Stripe, and Dawnset. How did you get to the job you have for working with Lord Windcall?" -blinks- "That's a really good question..."

Stripe: "Uh, well, wow, that is a nice question. Good job to the person who asked that!" -Gives thumbs up- "Anyway, I got to my position by working up the ranks I guess. It was quite long ago. I was really young when I surpassed most of the guards and warriors. Lord picked me out on his own and rose me up to the rank of being his personal guard." -grins- "And I have to say, I love what I do~"

Windcall: -smiles softly- "I'm glad you love your work, I picked a great person to be my guard."

Amanda: -smiles happily and squees- Aww, you too are so cute~ I can't hold it in anymore, I want to hug you!" -quickly rushes from her seat to wrap them up in a happy hug- "You are the best people ever!"

Dawnset: -Stares and reaches over, pulling Amanda away-

Amanda: -blinks in confusion and tilts head- "Did you want a hug too?"

Wincall and Stripe: -Stares at Amanda and Dawnset with raised eyebrows-

Dawnset: "You are not to touch Lord Windcall so freely, human. Take your seat and do your job." -stares-

Amanda: -Sweats and laughs nervously before nodding and doing as told. "S-sorry..."

Dawnset: "The answer to the question, I was chosen by Lord Windcall when we first met"

Amanda: -Stares, blinks, stares again- "You know, that's not giving much information away..."

Dawnset: -Stares- "..."

Amanda: "...Uh, I'm guessing that you won't give anymore insight into it then..."

Dawnset: "..."

Amanda: "...Ok then...Oh, I got a question for you!" -points at Windcall-

Dawnset: -Shoves her hand down- "Don't gesture and speak so rudely to Lord Windcall, human."

Amanda: -waves away Dawnset's words and leans toward Windcall, curious expression filtering onto her face- "Why on earth is Dawnset so loyal to you?"

Stripe: -Raises eyebrow and mutters to Dawnset- "I didn't think she would dismiss you at all like that...first time that has happened, huh."

Dawnset: -Stares at Amanda-

Stripe: -Winces- "Don't start to plan out how to kill her and where to hide the body...."

Dawnset: -Looks at Stripe- "..." -Turns back to stare at the eager Amanda- "I cannot promise anything."

Amanda: -Turns to look at the two- "What are you two talking about?"

Stripe: -laughs lightly while rubbing his neck- "Oh, its nothing."

Dawnset: "How to kill you and get away with it." -states matter-of-factly while staring emotionlessly at Amanda's now surprised expression-

Amanda: Uh...hehe...funny..." -sweats-

Dawnset: "You believe I am lying?"

Amanda: "Joking, right?" -glances at Stripe, who is looking away with a grimace on his face-

Dawnset: -Stares- "I dislike jokes. I am being entirely truthful."

Amanda: -Gulps-

Windcall: "Now, now, lets focus on what we are suppose to be doing, shall we. Dawnset, if you kill her, who

would ask the questions for this purpose, she is needed. Lets not kill her, alright."

Dawnset: -Bows low- "As you wish, Lord Windcall. Forgive me for my words, I will not speak them again."

Amanda: -Stares wide eyed- "Wow, now I really want to know why he is so loyal to you..."

Windcall: -Smiles- "I'm not entirely sure why he is so loyal to me, that is for him to tell. I'm just glad to have such a loyal person to be able to depend on, knowing they will get it done, and do the best they can to do it."

Amanda: "Well then, how did you meet him?"

Windcall: "Ah, I freed him from slavery."

Amanda: -Blinks and gapes- "W-Wait, what? Y-He, He was a slave?! Your kind have slaves?! What?!"

Windcall: -Pats her head gently- "Only the Dark ones sometimes take slaves, but yes, he was a slave. There had been a small rouge group that had kept him, forced him to serve them. They made him everything they wanted. A punching bag, an object to claw up and cut down when they pleased. Anything you can think of, he was on the receiving end of it. The group had been passing by my kingdom and I had been out that day, hunting nearby. I intercepted them while they were in the middle of using him as a object to spar with. I was honestly amazed. He had stood there, taking it like he felt nothing, he didn't utter a single word or made any noise. I stopped them and ended up having to chase them off, but I had to stop Dawnset from following after them. He had been with them so long, he knew nothing else."

Amanda: -Burst into tears and lunges at Dawnset, hugging him tightly and cries, while sputtering unknown jibberish-

Windcall & Stripe: -Watches, curiously-

Dawnset: -Stares down at Amanda, emotionlessly for a moment before speaking- "Your tears are not needed, Please remove yourself from my person, human female."

Amanda: "But it's so sad!" -is pulled away by Stripe-

Stripe: "Now, now, it's all fine now. Stop crying, you need to smile and thank that he doesn't have that life anymore." -pats Amanda comfortably-

Amanda: -sniffles and wipes away tears, nodding- "R-right, its j-just-" -burst into tears again-

Stripe: -sweats- "Uh, this might take a while..."

-Some time later-

Amanda: -nods- "No, its alright, I got this, I'-" -starts crying-

Windcall: -gently rubs her back- "Perhaps some more time."

Stripe: -rubs neck and picks up note cards, reading over them- "Should I do the questions now?"

Dawnset: "Perhaps that will be best."

Windcall: -nods-

Stripe: "Alrighty, lets see~ Ah, what do we do when we aren't guarding Lord Windcall?"

Dawnset: -Blinks- "...Rest..."

Stripe: "Well, I take some time to patrol around the kingdom, and chat with some of the pride members. I often help train some of the apprentices."

Dawnset: -looks at Stripe- "Train...or play..."

Stripe: -grins awkwardly- "Hehe...hehe yeah...Next question~ Why doesn't Stripe find a mate/ get a mate?"

Dawnset and Windcall: -stares at Stripe, curious-

Stripe: "Uh...well, I'm not really looking for one, I guess...Err, just waiting for the right one?" -smiles lightly while scratching his cheek lightly in thought- "Next question, Lord Windcall, what is one thing you love about your pride and pride lands?"

Windcall: -continues to pat the sniffling Amanda while looking thoughtful- "Hm, One thing I love about me pride...The tranquility. My people are very peaceful and it shows in the land as well. I feel that just being there, calms you."

Amanda: "Awaah! you guys are so sweet! -cries-

Stripe: -sweatdrops- "Uh...Perhaps we should end this now..."

Dawnset: -Nods- "I believe we should." -edges away from Amanda, who tries to reach out to him-

Windcall: "Well, I suppose this is it for now, everyone have a good day." -leads Amanda away off stage-

Stripe: -grins- "See ya everyone, thanks for your time~!"

Dawnset: -stares- "..." -walks off after Windcall-


Amanda: Thanks for being with us, next time we have Anza and Kin that will be joining us. See you then~




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